What We Do

Because every business is different, we can’t just have a single, simple solution. What we do is come and have a look at your existing Hardware and Software, talk to your staff to find out how they work, and of course how much data you have and where it’s stored at the moment.

We then try to tailor make a solution that would work for you and your business in the most efficient and common sense way, while disrupting your business as little as possible.  The goal is quite simple, and that is for any emergency we would be able to recover your data and make it available to you as quickly as possible.

Normally this also makes your systems faster and easier to use!

With our system your data would be available and fully accessible within minutes¬† if there is ANY hardware failure……and fully restored within hours.¬†

qnap 2 bay
Qnap 2 bay NAS

We use a combination of NAS (Network attached storage), existing or new PCs and file servers, Private cloud storage, and remote VPN connections for secure offsite backups. All tied together with daily notifications and reporting for peace of mind.

Have a look at some existing client’s case studies and see if they ring any bells:

Click here for some case studies

For details and pricing just call Mike Cook on 07790099548