Case Studies

Architects with 8 onsite users and 2 offsite users

Having used Windows and Linux file servers for many years with continual problems due to complicated file structures and long file names, we moved their main storage to a Qnap network storage a few years ago. The users didn’t even notice as their network drive was just mapped to the new copy on the NAS. They are highly reliable and almost twice as fast file transfer as Windows.

This was teamed with  an existing Windows server equipped with new hard drives for reliability, which stores daily copies from the last five days (it takes a long time to produce their CAD drawings they don’t want to lose them). A second offsite NAS is also backed up to over a VPN connection each night .

Offsite workers VPN to the main Qnap and work from home just as if they were in the office. The primary onsite backup is available if the main server dies just by changing permissions of the files within a few minutes.  If a catastrophe happens and both onsite machines die, the offsite is immediately available via web browsers from any device or a new VPN can be set up to the offsite NAS and a copy can be made available the same day.

Corporate Entertainment/Training Company Run from home office

This was a no-brainer, with a single pc and a laptop being used randomly for everything something had to be done! A new PC with enough storage is enough for all their files, a shared folder is accessible by the network and this is backed up to the old PC with a new hard drive (running headless).

Dell AIO 9030- We sell these too

Now here’s the clever bit…A backup program runs each evening, first it connects via VPN to a backup Qnap NAS offsite, then it backs up, then it disconnects. This means that the original and the backup are only connected for a few minutes at a time which reduces the risk of any infection by malware.

Property Investment/Rental Company with 15 onsite users

This company already had a windows server, having been oversold by a salesman (£10.000 plus a monthly maintenance contract when a £500 Qnap would do the job better!) so it seemed sensible to keep the main store on there.

qnap 2 bay
Qnap 2 bay NAS with mirrored drives.

The files are backed up onsite to an external hard drive, and then also offsite to one of our servers via a backup routine that connects, backs up and disconnects via VPN. As in all cases the backup is monitored daily and reports are sent via email.

Entertainment Agency with 9 onsite and 4 offsite users

With a pretty good system already in place when I came in, all that was needed was an offsite backup to be 100% secure. So now they have a secure NAS hidden up in ther owner’s home loft which synchronises overnight to their main server. This is remotely accessible and as it’s on a 2 way sync it came in handy when they had the power turned off in their office for repairs. Work could just carry on.

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