Supergeek’s Other services

Hello there,

Just in case you came straight to this page, I thought I should tell you about what else we do!

We can help you with all aspects of IT, this business changes all the time and whereas 10 years ago most of our work was virus removal, now it’s business services. We still do work for home users, it’s just that tablets and mobiles have taken over…and it’s easy to reset a mobile right?

With our experience whatever problem you have, I’m confident we can solve it. …Web Design…Of course, Laptop repairs?….Certainly, Old spare parts?…Are you joking, I have a loft an office and many spare rooms full, Entertainments systems, CCTV, Networking?….it’s what we do mostly, Home visits…depends if you make good tea!

ProBackup service webpage powered by WordPress

After much debate, I’ve finally decided that WordPress is the way to go. So started my probackup marketing campaign by launching a new website.

If you want a website designed and maintained, give us a call and maybe we can help. Our main website is written in bootstrap but I think WordPress is probably a bit easier to maintain, have a look: