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Every business is different, with different computers and systems in place. Yours has probably grown organically, adding computers here, servers there, maybe a few switches thrown in for good measure.

Oh, George normally backs up….but he’s on holiday!

Georges Desk
George’s Desk

Everybody relies on computers now, and the data that they hold, from documents to photos to CAD drawings. But what would happen if you lose them? ……..Lose them all?…….Think about it!

Any computer or hard drive can fail at any time, if your data is stored in only one place it is not safe. If you think you have a backup, have you ever checked it? If it’s compressed have you ever tested it? If you think it’s on an external drive, is it even working?

Worried yet? You should be if you answered NO to any of those questions.

Read on to stop worrying……………WHAT WE DO